Welcome to Double H Corgis!

***We do not have any puppies available at this time. If you are interested, contact us about our waiting list!***


Below is a picture of each dog and a small description about them. If you have any questions about our adults or puppies, contact us through the Contact tab of this website or see more ways to contact us at the bottom of this page!


Meet Roxy! She is a 2-year-old (2018) brindle American Corgi. She is our biggest dog, weighing in at about 30lbs. She loves attention from mom and dad but is a little shy around strangers. Roxy also loves to go with on walks and loves to roam the pastures with the cows.


Rally is Roxy’s up and coming daughter! She isn’t a year old yet, she was born late 2019. She is a black tri, but has brindle points on her face and legs. Rally is going to be a bigger corgi but weighs in at about 20lbs currently. She is FULL of energy and will not stop playing until she absolutely has to! If you like outgoing dogs, Rally is your girl!


Reba is a red and white mismark Pembroke Welsh corgi. She is a little taller corgi and has tons of white! She is almost 3, (2017) and weighs about 24lbs. She is a laid back and shy dog but loves to play with her owners and our other dogs!


Buckle is a 4-year-old (2016) red headed, black tri Pembroke Welsh Corgi. She is a smaller girl; she weighs about 20 pounds. Buckle is a fluffy carrier, and typically has us a couple fluffy puppies each litter! Buckle was one of our first female puppies we bought, she is near and dear to us! She is very outgoing and loves attention from anyone!


Dolly is a sable Fluffy that we raised out of our own stock! She is out of Double H Buckle and Double H Sable Blue (Double H Concho x Double H Annie). She is 2 years old (2018) and even smaller than her mom; Dolly weighs in at about 18lbs. Dolly is outgoing just like her mom; she loves to play with all of the other dogs and will take all the attention that she can get!


Concho is a 6-year-old (2014) sable Pembroke Welsh corgi. Concho is also a smaller corgi; he consistently weighs in at 24lbs. Concho also carries the fluffy gene. He was the start of our corgi herd, Kendra bought him for Weston as a Christmas present. He is always right at Weston’s feet and knows what he is thinking and where is he going! He goes everywhere him! He goes on rides, travels with us where ever we go and always ready to help check and work the cows on our command. Concho has sired many of our litters, he throws very flashy, correct sable puppies.


Since Concho only threw sable puppies, we were on the hunt for a new male that would throw more color when we found Cutter! Cutter is a 3-year-old (2017) Merle American corgi. Cutter is a little bigger than our others, he weighs 27lbs and he too carries the fluffy gene! He is very outgoing and is always playing with the others. No matter what Weston tells him or how many times he calls for him, Cutter NEVER listens, the minute Kendra calls him he comes running to her! Cutter loves to check and work the cows, he has some more learning to do, but gets better every day. Cutter has sired some litters for us and throws very flashy merle puppies with lots of color!

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